Best limousin pedigree cattle in Finland

Paddais is specialised in the production of Limousin pedigree cattle. Each year, we sell a number of animals, young bulls and heifers, to beef cattle producers both in Finland and other countries. For those interested in starting a new herd, we also sell several animals at once.

Top performers from Paddais
The Paddais livestock has several advantages. Our animals are easy to handle, social and good-natured. They have good stature and feed because they graze in the open, move about on our pastures and feed on grass. They are top performers both in terms of weight gain and meat quality.

Advantages of Limousin cattle
Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France. Limousin is highly recommended for crossing breeds, due to its low birth weight and consequently easy calvings. It is also well-known for its yield and ability to produce meat. It has a docile and easy nature and is thus well suited for beef cattle production and open-grazing.

Interested in setting up a new farm?
Limousin is also a good breed for setting up a beef farm. We can offer several animals simultaneously for starting a new herd.

Get in touch
If you are interested in any of our animals or the breed, please contact our breeding manager.

Animals not suited for pedigree purposes are sold for meat production. At the moment we do not sell sperm or embryos.


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