Traditional and down-to-earth

The Paddais estate is one of the oldest of its kind in Finland. Situated in Southwestern Finland, it has evolved many times during the past three centuries. Today, Paddais takes pride in one of the best Limousin herds in the country. Currently Wilhelm Rosenlew is looking after the estate for the next generation.

Focus on organic farming
We focus on organic farming methods and on providing a natural environment for our cattle. For us conservation of nature and preservation of the cultural landscape are key issues. We work together with conservation organisations and research professionals to find new ways of improving our farming methods. We focus especially on water consumption and minimizing nutrient outflow.

Centuries of estate history
The first Rosenlew settled at Paddais in 1652, but his descendants had to flee from invading Russians in 1707. Since then, the estate passed on to several different owners, only to be bought back into the Rosenlew family in the beginning of the 20th century. The Paddais manor house was built in 1762 and was slightly redecorated with classical elements in early 1800. Paddais is well-known for its beautiful and unique gardens, planned by garden architect Bengt Schalin.

Who we are
The Paddais estate is a professional and dynamic family business. We take pride in breeding the best Limousin pedigree cattle in Finland in a down-to-earth and ecological manner. We are known for our entrepreneurial spirit and rigorous breeding standards. We want to take part in developing the whole beef cattle sector.


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