Estate history

300 years of estate history

The Paddais estate is one of the oldest of its kind in Finland. Situated in Southwestern Finland, it has evolved many times during the past three centuries. The village of Paddais is much older and dates back to the middle ages.

Paddais, the village
The village of Paddais dates back to the 13th century. The name of the village suggests that it was originally administered by the Padis Monastery, which not only owned extensive lands in Estonia but also bought land in Southern Finland. The first time the village is actually mentioned in historical documents is 1346, when the bishop of Åbo passes on a homestead in Paddais to the church of Sagu. Approximately three centuries later, in 1652, major Ertman Vanzelow is granted three properties in the village of Paddais. He is ennobled Rosenlew in 1683.

300 years of estate history
The first Rosenlew settle at Paddais in 1652, but flee from invading Russians in 1707. After that, during the next three centuries, the estate passes on through several different owners, only to be bought back into the Rosenlew family in the beginning of the 20th century. At this time, the estate is in a poor state but is bit by bit, restored into its old glory with a careful hand.

Paddais shifts from crops to cattle
After the Second World War in 1953, Georg Wilhelm Rosenlew buys the estate from his uncle’s widow. He subsequently buys back land expropriated after the war to refugees and continues to take good care of the farm. After his death, in the 1980s, his son Fredrik takes over. During his time, farming shifts from crops to cattle when Fredrik buys a herd of Limousin cattle from the Qvidja estate in Parainen and takes on pedigree cattle breeding. In 2009, his son Wilhelm, takes over administration and management of the estate.

Well-restored manor house and unique gardens
The Paddais rococo-styled manor house was built in 1762 and was slightly redecorated with classical elements in early 1800. By the beginning of the 20th century the building had gone into a poor state. Werner Rosenlew, Wilhelm Rosenlew’s greatgrandfather’s younger brother, then bought back the estate into the family and renovated it with great care. It is today one of the best examples of manor houses of its time. In addition to its manor house, Paddais is well-known for its beautiful and unique gardens, most recently planned by garden architect Bengt Schalin at the beginning of the 20th century.



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