Way of farming

In harmony with nature

At Paddais, we have a long history of developing our farming and cattle caring methods in an environmentally sustainable way. We take into consideration all the different phases in our work and want to find the most environmentally-friendly solution. Our herd is free-ranging during summer, and is mainly fed with our own organically grown silage during the cold period.

Conservation and preservation
Conserving natural habitats and preserving cultural landscapes around our estate are long-term goals at Paddais. We especially focus on measures that reduce water pollution and minimize nutrient outflow into the sea. Free-range and pasture-fed cattle keep landscapes open and help in sustaining them for future generations.

Organic pastures since 2008 and cattle since 2010
We commenced organic farming of the pastures at Paddais in 2007 and switched to organic cattle farming in 2010. Our cattle range freely in a typical way for the Limousin breed and feed on rich grass and vegetation in summertime. In wintertime, we feed our animals with silage from our own field complemented with organic, locally produced and milled oats and peas.


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