Breeding philosophy

Great mothers make great cattle

At Paddais, we have worked for over 20 years with choosing the right maternal material. We have applied rigorous standards especially on the cows kept for breeding, and this has resulted in an exceptionally strong herd.

Grazing out in the open
Our herd grazes out in the fields as much as possible in accordance with the standards for organic farming. During the summer, the herd lives in the pastures day and night, feeding on the rich grass and vegetation. In wintertime, we feed our animals with forage from our own field complemented with organic, locally produced and milled oats and peas.

Taking care of each individual
For us, each animal is an individual. We provide them with the best of care from birth to departure. We treat our animals with respect and dignity. Our cattle portray typical Limousin traits, such as docility and great strength, but also show individual qualities. Some are natural leaders, others can be a bit stubborn and each one of them has a personality of its own.

Calving times can be hectic
Each year our cows and heifers calve around 80 animals. Calving in spring and autumn is a hectic time, because we are adamant with taking good care of each calf. Calves are fed with their mother’s milk and stay close by to their mothers during the first six months of their lives.


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