About Limousin

Easygoing but strong breed


The Limousin breed has optimal characteristics for beef cattle. Originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France it is a highly muscled breed of cattle that produces lean and tender meat. Among its many favourable traits it has a calm nature and is highly adaptable to diverse climates and management systems.

Docile and good-natured
The Limousin has a docile temperament and is very good-natured. Originally it was used for purposes such as pulling carts, where these characteristics came very well into use. The calm and easygoing nature makes it well suited for beef cattle breeding.

Good meat yield
Limousin cattle have an excellent yield, i.e. meat to carcase ratio. Meat to bone ratios are high and fat percentages low, which leads to outstanding yields of saleable meat. In addition, the high-quality meat is tender and has a full, robust taste, especially from cattle grazing outdoors.

Easy calving
Due to its low birth weight and structure, calving is relatively easy. According to statistics, calving is most often unassisted for cows. More than nine out of ten heifers calve easily and unassisted, the rest demanding only light assistance.


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