Size and statistics

Growing herd of 200 animals

At the moment our herd size is approximately 200 animals, which includes some 80 cows. We have potential to increase our herd size and our long-term goal is to have approximately 300 animals. During the summer our herd ranges freely on some 150 hectares of field and forest pastures.

Animal size larger than Finnish average
According to the latest ranking (Nautakarja, April 2010), Paddais has the highest growth average of all limousine herds in Finland. Among the top 10 limousin sires, seven came from Paddais. Their 365 day weights range 621 to 658kg, compared to the national limousin average of 500 kg. Among the top 10 limousin heifers, seven came from Paddais ranging 486-499kg at 365 days, the national average being 390 kg.

Calving times can be hectic
Each year our cows calve around 80 animals. Calving in spring and autumn is a hectic time, because we are adamant with taking good care of each calf. Calves are fed with their mother’s milk and stay close by to their mothers during the first six months of their lives.

Some 70 animals sold each year
Between 20 and 30 animals are sold to beef cattle producers each year. We sell both individual animals and several animals at a time for producers interested in starting a new herd. Some 40 animals are sold to meat production and the rest are kept for own breeding purposes.


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