Who we are

A professional family business

The Paddais estate is a professional and dynamic family business. We take pride in breeding the best Limousin pedigree cattle in Finland in a down-to-earth and ecological manner. We are known for our entrepreneurial spirit and rigorous breeding standards. We want to take part in developing the whole beef cattle sector. In addition, we are specialised in growing organic asparagus.

Family estate & breeding experts
Paddais is a family-owned estate with one of the best limousin cattle herds in Finland. The estate focuses on breeding and selling animals to beef cattle producers. It is currently looked after by Wilhelm Rosenlew and employs one breeding manager and three to four other people. In addition the estate employs extra help in the garden during summertime, mainly for growing, harvesting and selling white asparagus.

Estate manager Wilhelm Rosenlew
Wilhelm Rosenlew represents the fourth generation of the Rosenlew family looking after Paddais “this time around”. He is an entrepreneur and down-to-earth food enthusiast. His vision for developing the estate and its business builds on the assumption that consumers will become more and more aware of and interested in what they eat. He is determined to expand the Paddais herd and be able to offer more pedigree cattle to beef cattle producers.

Breeding manager Agata Brandys
Agata Brandys is breeding manager at the Paddais estate. Originally from Poland, she has lived in Finland and worked at Paddais for over 20 years. She has a Masters degree in agronomy and livestock management. She is devoted to taking care of the herd at Paddais.


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